Special Edition 3 – X-Men Apocalypse: Not First Class

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Special Edition 3 - X-Men Apocalypse: Not First Class


On this episode, the gang talks about the best or worst x-men movie ever, depending on who you ask.

X-Men: Apocalypse – tinyurl.com/hjz3lxl

In this episode, we talk the third hero vs hero movie this summer, X-Men: Apocalypse. Does it stand up to the incredibly up and down level of quality the X-Men film franchise is famous for? Oh hell yeah, it does. We ask the important questions like “Why does Apocalypse keep using the word smurf in the middle of his sentences? Why doesn’t Storm just wish to be a prince again with her genie? And… Super powers?” Ryan enlightens us to the ancient Egyptian origins of the game of mouse trap, Sly just wants to cry havok for 2 and a half hours, Phil really, really hates actors, and special guest host Bryan thinks that all ancient people, including gods, have to be a max 5 feet tall.

X-Men: Evolution – tinyurl.com/jekk9a7

X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse – tinyurl.com/hsvxjbp

Uncanny X-Force By Rick Remender and Jerome Opena – tinyurl.com/jfpkv4h

X-Men Legends – tinyurl.com/goypleu

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