Issue 17 – Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 17 - Kevin Smith's Batman Cacophony


On this episode, the gang covers their ears under the cacophonous assault of Kevin Smith’s Batman.

Batman: Cacophony by Kevin Smith and Walt Flanagan –

In this episode, we talk part one of Kevin Smith’s dream book, Batman. We reach across the aisle to solve America’s gun problem with the guy from police academy, while still maintaining our capitalist identity under strict Randian economics. We’re also apparently recording from a war zone and are waiting for an uber to take us to safety. Phil pitches his brand new DC villain – Juxtaposition. Sly lets slip his childhood catchphrase of “Salutations, King Of Gods!” he uses when addressing his son. And Ryan’s high point of this book is something that doesn’t happen at all and he misses the whole point of the section he came up with. This episode brought to you by Spanking Shakespeare (not really).

Batman: Going Sane –

Batman: Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth –

Batman: Under The Hood –

Death Note –

And not actually a recommendation, but here’s the Grendel book by John Gardner Phil was talking about:

Theme Song: A bunch of stuff or whatever