Special Edition 5 – Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Special Edition 5 - Alan Moore's Batman: The Killing Joke

killing joke

On this episode, the gang talks about The Killing Joke, both the book and the movie. One’s great. One’s not. Guess which ones which?

The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland – tinyurl.com/KillingJokeBook

The Killing Joke: Animated Adaptation – tinyurl.com/KillingJokeDVD

In this episode, we discuss the newest DC animated movie, The Killing Joke and compare it to the original 1988 graphic novel source material, one of the primary influences for both Tim Burton’s and Christopher Nolan’s Jokers on film. We’re joined by Sean, so with five of us, we get things heated pretty instantly. Sly is generous enough to let Ryan try his hand at the summary this time and then does his absolute best to try to steal his power. We really need some kinda Magna Carta for us lowly co-hosts to survive the reign of King Sly. Hipster Ryan’s under the impression that he’s the only one that has problems with this extremely debated and controversial book. As usual, the guest is way more insightful than we are and Sean breaks down the flashbacks and major themes, like where Batman gets his coffee. Phil still can’t stop thinking about Nemesis. And Darryl just can’t get out of this clown car and references Krang.

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Birds Of Prey by Chuck Dixon: tinyurl.com/BirdsOfPreyVol1

Batgirl – A Matter Of Family – tinyurl.com/BatgirlArkhamDLC

Ryan forgot to let Darryl recommend something before he ran to get a sandwich, Phil recommends Game Of Thrones as a bad adaptation, and Sean recommends Dungeons and Dragons, but those don’t count.

Theme Song: I Go Loony from The Killing Joke