Issue 34 – Howard the Duck Runs for President

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 34 - Howard the Duck Runs for President


On this episode, the gang explores the most divisive issue yet: is this comic dumb or is Darryl dumb?

Howard The Duck – Get Down America by Steve Gerber and Gene Colan –

In this episode, we go back to the bicentennial and look at the last time we had a presidential candidate we could believe in, Howard The Duck, to get ready for election day. We finally talk politics; it was inevitable. Deal with it, America. Hope you like a bunch of pretentious nerds talking about post-modernism. Also in this episode: Sly wants to put Giant Sized Man-Things in his Gene Colan to try to fill the hole in his soul. Ryan is so defensive and really wants everyone to like this. Phil slowly starts to see the emperor’s new clothes. And if Darryl’s so smart and talented, why isn’t Phil? Huh? AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE ON TUESDAY

Prez by Mark Russel and Ben Caldwell –

The Jerk –

Ren And Stimpy –

The Trial by Franz Kafka –

Theme Song: Disco Duck by Rick Dees

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