Issue 37 – World Without a Superman 1: Raisin Men

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 37 - World Without a Superman 1: Raisin Men

World Without

On this episode, the gang wonders what the world we be like without superman. Pretty hit or miss apparently.

World Without A Superman/Funeral For A Friend by a bunch of people –

In this episode, we continue the Death and Return of Superman with Pt 2, the first half of “Funeral For A Friend.” Hope you like this arc because we’ll be here for a while. This book is a lot more “comics lol” than Supes’ death, but also gets us choked up. We answer the age old question, which stretchy superheroes are the best? We also show how evil philanthropy is. Phil really tries to force gender roles on shriveled prune men. Ryan just wants to Freaky Friday Lois and Superman. Darryl likes to pretend Lois Lane is Loras Tyrell. Sly issues a challenge to all the many Guardian fan.

Recommendations saved for the second half.

Heard It Through The Grapevine – The California Raisins

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