Issue 39 – Superman: Reign of The Supermen

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 39 - Superman: Reign of The Supermen


On this episode, the gang welcomes back Superman… kind of. It’s like Superman but if he was four people and one was a teen clone and one was a robot and one wore an edgy visor and one was like Iron Man and John Henry had a baby but like a tough baby. You know, standard stuff.

Reign Of The Supermen by a bunch of people –

In this episode, we try to fill the hole in our hearts left by Superman’s death with four other Supermen. It’s just one of those things. Lois Lane dates Jeb! Darryl can’t even save a bunch of puppies. Sly’s favorite Futurama character gets toasted by a Toastmaster. Phil reveals the secret origin of the Clinton’s private e-mail server. Ryan’s chest choking, I mean, just joking.

Theme: A clip from Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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