Issue 51 – Garth Ennis’ Crossed: Naked Edgelord Zombies

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 51 - Garth Ennis' Crossed: Naked Edgelord Zombies


On this episode, the boys are joined by Michael M. Raider (of We’ll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure In Cinema and Wheeeeeengs fame) to discuss some edgy Garth Ennis to welcome in EDGELORD AUGUST PART 1.

Crossed: Badlands Issues 1-3 –

Crossed: Special (2013) –

IT’S EDGELORD AUGUST. We’re talking about Crossed, a book that Ryan refers to as “Walking Dead but instead of zombies, they come back as shitlords.” Sly doesn’t understand Scottish stereotypes. Michael tries his damnedest to give deep intellectual analysis of this masterpiece. Darryl didn’t even read all the right books. Maybe Phil will be back next time? We really hope so, we don’t want to do another edgelord book without him.

Be warned, we’re talking about excessive gore, dying babies, murder, sexual violence, all sorts of things that are universally terrible.

Theme: Last Caress by The Misfits

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