Episode 17 – Charlottesville: The KKK Is Not OK

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 17 - Charlottesville: The KKK Is Not OK
Tiki Torches are the new hoods in Charlottesville
Counterprotestors in Charlottesville, VA, surrounded by White Nationalists

On this episode, the four of us are back together for a serious episode about the horrid events in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you don’t know, we recap the events of the “Unite The Right” rally, and give some context with a brief history of the KKK and white supremacy in America. We discuss a different history of the police than last week’s bonus episode with Ryan’s dad. We also talk about the centrist response to these events. Things have really changed since last time we talked about punching Nazis. Phil’s finally back to really give us some global history on slavery and racism. Darryl’s even more on Sly’s side than Ryan, who’s moderate views are wavering now that *cracks knuckles* Nazis are openly rallying.

List of Unite The Right Groups Present in Charlottesville
Phil’s oft-recommended Eyes On The Prize Documentary
Birth Of A Nation – The Early Anti-Black Propoganda Film
Tim Wise’s Documentaries
Ken Burns’ Documentaries
Intercept Article on White Supremacists and the Police
An example of how Nazis are treated in Germany
Ryan’s Best Acquaintances Episode

Theme Song: The KKK Took My Baby Away By The Ramones

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