Issue 55 – Gyo: Fart-Powered Spider Fish

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 55 - Gyo: Fart-Powered Spider Fish

GyoIt’s time for our Divisive Issues Spooktacular month. For our first story, we return to horror manga and the creator we applauded the most last year: Junji Ito. Will we be as positive about our first full work from him?

The story is Gyo, which literally translates to “Fish.” The story does start out being about fish walking on land but it’s not too long before we get into bloated body horror and demented carnivals. This story was unfortunately too spooky for Phil but the rest of the gang is here. Ryan giggles like a child whenever farts are involved while Sly gets mad if you dare explain anything in a story to him. It also turns out Darryl is some kind of freak that doesn’t produce oily black substances from his body.

Theme Song: Under the Sea by the Little Mermaid

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