Special Edition 8 – Inhumans: Family Guy’s Game Of Thrones Porn Parody

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Special Edition 8 - Inhumans: Family Guy's Game Of Thrones Porn Parody
Behold! The awe-inspiring Inhumans!

Our spooktacular Halloween is behind us, but the fact that someone made Inhumans is even scarier than zombies or witches could ever hope to be. It’s something that can only be seen to believe. We watched the first two episodes of this show. You don’t know what we sacrifice for you people.

Marvel’s Inhumans

We’ve long complained about the Inhumans, like in our Civil War II episode and our Death Of Cyclops episode. It’s finally time to really dig in to what makes these characters so beloved. Is it their slave labor work force? Maybe it’s their super racism? Is it their impossible to describe superpowers? To each according to his ability, what are you gonna do? Phil kinda liked this show, but only until he thought about it for a second. Everyone wonders if Sly thinks the Inhumans make good foils. Darryl just wants to know *WHY* they made this show. Ryan is just so happy he watched this with ex-host Joe and not by himself.

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