Issue 58: Green Lantern Is Dead – Long Live Green Lantern’s Drunk Sidekick

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 58: Green Lantern Is Dead - Long Live Green Lantern's Drunk Sidekick


Green Lantern Be Crazy
The sun’s out! Who you gonna call? A murdering psychopath!

It’s Part 2 of our Annual Thanks-for-killing-my-favorite-character-giving special! This one relies pretty heavily on our last episode, where Green Lantern went crazy and murdered everyone, so make sure you listen to that one first! This picks up a few years after that tragedy and picks up right in the middle of another big DC event, Final Night. Will the ex-hero turned super villain Green Lantern return to save the day? And then what happens next?

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On this episode, we continue with Green Lantern’s journey through the scariest nightmare imaginable – The 90s! And the early 2000s, but who’s counting? We primarily focus on a standalone graphic novel that follows Green Lanterns’ Silver Age sidekick as his life completely falls apart after the death of his icon. Jumping Fish Hooks, Emerald Avengers! Darryl stands alone when everyone else really loved this book. Is Phil finally starting to LIKE COMIC BOOKS? Ryan does his best to stop him by bringing up the dumbest lore he can think of. And in a SHOCKING TWIST, Sly agrees to disagree!

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