Issue 59: Lobo vs Gay Batman & Friends in an Edgelord Christmas Event

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 59: Lobo vs Gay Batman & Friends in an Edgelord Christmas Event
And Happy Holidays, Ya Bastiches
Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Edgelords

It’s Christmas! Let’s get EDGY. Last year we covered that time extreme edgelord Lobo killed Santa Claus. And earlier in the year, we covered fascist Authority-member Batman-But-Gay Midnighter. What would happen if these titans of profanity and gore clashed? Spoilers: They do in this episode.

First, we give a little intro to the Authority, Midnighter’s Team

Then, the ultimate showdown between Lobo and The Authority

Here we are. We made it. Can you believe it’s already Christmas time? What a great holiday to close out an objectively great year. Everyone’s having a wonderful time. Especially Sly, who hates Christmas as much as he loves Korn. Darryl finally gets why complex continuity and inaccessible callbacks are what make comics amazing. Phil’s still desperately trying to quit the podcast. And here’s a secret: Ryan actually went out and bought a bunch of Authority books right after we recorded as an early present to himself.

This episode’s real not safe for work, y’all. Even more than usual.

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