Episode 26: Recapping the Trump Investigation as the GOP Caps off America

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 26: Recapping the Trump Investigation as the GOP Caps off America

Trump Investigation

In this episode, we cap off 2017 with some major topics we’ve been meaning to cover like the Trump turnover and Mueller’s Trump investigation. We also cover the GOP tax bill, the perfect news story to sum up year one of hellworld. Or is it hellword? It is, but maybe not as hellworld as it could have been.

We talk about Trump’s administration and the massive turnover it has experienced during the course of the year. To be fair, the administration is currently undergoing a tumultuous event. That event being the Trump Presidency. We also discuss the Trump investigation by Robert Mueller and Republican reaction to it. And just in case you think the GOP is any better, we also talk about the new Tax Bill. Ryan assures everyone that things are going great and it’s time to be complacent again. Darryl accidentally spills the beans on our Immortal government officials. Phil is not optimistic that the Trump presidency will end with Trump’s decapitation while Sly has a dark prophecy for the Post-Trump future.

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Casualties of the Trump Administration Thus Far

Everything in the Tax Bill

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