Episode 33: It Can’t Be All Bad, Can It? An Optimistic Look Towards The Future

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 33: It Can't Be All Bad, Can It? An Optimistic Look Towards The Future
Being Optimistic is hard, dudes
“The Kids Are Our Future”

We’re looking to the future! We (try to) focus on the bright side of humanity’s future. Optimism? In MY political podcast?

Darryl walks us through some of the pros and cons of generational trends as the Parkland students show us that all hope is not lost. Sly pays his dues and breaks down the return of the unions of the world as they bargain for more power again! Ryan struggles to pronounce Universal Basic Income, but manages to explain Finland, Alaska, and California’s experiments to fight automation and disappearing jobs! Phil couldn’t bear to think about anything positive in this hellscape we’ve ended up in, but he’ll be back next episode!

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