Issue 66 – Thanos: God Of Death Or Pilot Of Helicopters?

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 66 - Thanos: God Of Death Or Pilot Of Helicopters?
Thanos moer liek lame-os m i rite
I am become death, you cornered kitty!

Special episode alert! Who’s ready for an editorially mandated CROSSOVER? It’s the EVENT of the SUMMER! Divisive Issues will NEVER be the SAME AGAIN! We’re joined by Henry from Midtown Comics to talk about the inconsistent history of Thanos, the star of the mega-blockbuster, Avengers: Infinity War!

Comics we cover: Spidey Super Stories 39 and Thanos Quest

Hoo boy, this was a wild ride. We give a quick synopsis of the history of Thanos leading up to Infinity Gauntlet, the book that inspired Avengers: Infinity War. How did Thanos get all the Infinity gems? Is he actually worthy of this decade long hype? And just how many skateboarding heroes does Marvel have? Henry’s a wonderful guest, despite his love of Sexy Fauxbo… I mean Lobo. Ryan traveled through time to 1979 to write the first issue we covered. Sly just can’t get behind the Marvel movies changing his precious Infinity GEMS into Infinity STONES. Darryl finally finds his soul (gem) mate in Thanos, his powerful purple prince.


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