Issue 67 – The Original Iran Deal: Kill Robin and Appoint Ambassador Joker

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 67 - The Original Iran Deal: Kill Robin and Appoint Ambassador Joker

Death In The Family
“Ethiopia is only 1700 km from Lebanon as the crow(bar) flies!”

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! It’s time to help Robin find his mom! All four of them! Iran’s in the news a lot lately, so we recorded an episode two weeks ago, before anything happened to help hype it up for everyone. We’re getting our cohesive synergy on by following up our episodes on DC’s political stories of the 80s and some of Jim Starlin’s work to bring you Jim Starlin’s mark on the Batman Universe, Death In The Family. Just like Thanos, he set out to kill half of our main heroes. So who died: Batman or Robin? We’ll give you a hint, it’s definitely not Batman.

Read Along with Batman: Death In The Family And The Two Issues Before It

In this episode, we get some pretty serious whiplash from all the tonal shifts here. First, Ryan goes looking for some nose candy before Robin throws him off a balcony. Sly is FINALLY respecting Ryan’s choice of favorite characters (Jason Todd 4eva). Darryl just can’t stop wondering if Batman’s a real dad or not. And Phil has some thoughts on American foreign policy regarding serial killers.

Content Warning: As is so often the case, we talk about some pretty gratuitous violence here, including suicide.


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