Season 1, Episode 2: Ready for the Tomb

Tomb Or Tome
Tomb Or Tome
Season 1, Episode 2: Ready for the Tomb

National Novel Writing Month is underway! One week in and… things are already looking a little dicey for the Steffens (yikes!)! Everyone’s story is finally shaping up, but their spirits have been dampened… which isn’t a good sign going forward—those that have done NaNoWriMo before will know the feeling.

Darryl explains what has happened thus far in his fantasy novel where the sun has stopped and Wyren must venture forth to slay the king of the land to get it moving again. Liz describes her spooky short story where Tal seeks power from a pernicious spirit that wants him to drain energy from people with a magic blade. And Ian tells of the humble outset to his American-folk-fantasy novel, where intrepid pioneers venture west in search of gold & glory (only to find their inevitable doom). Hopefully these books will see a satisfying conclusion!

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