Episode 39: Trump Loves Fascism, How About You?

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 39: Trump Loves Fascism, How About You?
Fascism sucks, dudes.
“What’s next for President Obama, meeting with NORTH KOREA?” – Fox News, 2 years ago

We’re talking Fascism! Everyone’s favorite way to lose all their rights! How’s North Korea diplomacy going? Why is Trump so terrible to our allies, but sucks up to dictators? What about Ur-Fascism or “Eternal Fascism?” Did an article written in 1995 really sum up all of Trump’s tactics?

On this episode, everyone’s three least favorite hosts try to run the show without Ryan, but he’s still the one writing the notes so too bad! Sly does a very convincing Ryan impression while he pretends humanity isn’t doomed to fall to fascism. Darryl gives Trump some pointers on how to really get those libs to fall in line.. with just these 13 EASY STEPS! Phil reminds us of a bunch of world leaders even worse than Trump! Let’s start the summer off right, with a revolution!

And if you live in New York, come visit Ryan and Sly THIS WEEKEND at Cradle Con! And don’t forget to vote in Tuesday’s Primary!

Ur-Facism by Umberto Eco

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