Issue 72: Ditko’s Dr. Strange Defeats The Dread Dormammu

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 72: Ditko's Dr. Strange Defeats The Dread Dormammu
RIP Steve Ditko
“This 12 issues took an ETERNITY to get through”

We cover Steve Ditko (and Stan Lee’s) classic Dr. Strange run, primarily the 12 part epic that ran from Strange Tales 130-141! Ditko may have recently passed, but he remains one of our most beloved creators, even if he was a Randian Objectivist!

On this episode, we get trippy to delve into what makes Dr. Strange one of Sly’s all time favorite comic books. Darryl channels his inner Toad, but which one? Phil reveals more ways he bullied Sly when they were in 8th grade. And Ryan argues minutiae.

Ryan forgot to mention it on the episode, but he and Sly were just on They See Me Rollin’, a wonderful actual play podcast and we had a LOT of fun playing a one shot in Fiasco!


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