Issue 75: Identity Crisis Part 1 – Whoops, Cynicism Wins After All

Identity Crisis is polarizing for a reason
“Is his true identity Elongated Man, Plastic Man, or Mr. Fantastic?”

We talk about a book we’ve been awkwardly avoiding for years, DC’s 2004 event: Identity Crisis. This is one of the biggest DC stories we’ve covered and it’s the one that proved just how cynical Alan Moore’s influence was. So we should hate it, right? Well…

Read along: Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales’ Identity Crisis

On this episode, we dip into the first half of Identity Crisis. We’ll finish it next time, don’t worry! Ryan’s a giant hypocrite who likes this book (but WITH ASTERISKS, HE SWEARS). Darryl finally found a superhero story that he doesn’t think is dumb (most of the time). Phil just loves big anime fights. Sly packs this episode with more lore than ever.


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