Episode 45: You’d Have To Be A Super Delegate to Graduate From The Electoral College!

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 45: You'd Have To Be A Super Delegate to Graduate From The Electoral College!
Elections really showcased what a CREEP Nixon was
Don’t know if I can win this one… better break into the DNC

We’re talking elections! The electoral college! Super delegates! Some of the wackier things that have happened in some historical elections and campaigns!

It’s not a current events episode! This one’s a lot of fun! Ryan graduates from the electoral college. Darryl puts the SUPER in super delegate. Phil wins the popular vote, but loses the election. And I knew Sly’s segment. I worked with Sly’s segment. And this episode is NO Sly’s segment (he does have one, actually).

Why Do We Have The Electoral College?

How Many Delegates Does Each State Have?

The Electoral College

Elections Not Decided By Popular Vote

Election of 1876

Election of 1968

Why We Should Abolish The Electoral College

More Reasons The Electoral College Sucks

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