Episode 48: Should We Fudgepack the Courts?

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 48: Should We Fudgepack the Courts?
Truly the Worst Fate to Fall Upon the Supreme Court

The Republicans filibustered Obama’s Supreme Court choice and snuck in their own guy. And now they’ve gone one step lower by appointing a sexual predator! Should the Democrats sit back and take it until their terms expire decades from now? Or should the Democrats consider packing the Courts like FDR did back in the day?

In this episode, the gang talks about the history of court packing and it’s practicality in the modern era. We discuss not just FDR’s infamous courtpacking but also Abraham Lincoln’s. We also get into the dark era of the court that FDR ended and we’re now revisiting. Phil establishes that there gonna be court but not what do. Sly reveals himself to be the most milquetoast piece of **** of all while Darryl just wants blood.

Court Packing Pros and Cons

The Lochner Era

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