Episode 49: Q: A Non-Intelligent Person’s Guide To George Soros

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 49: Q: A Non-Intelligent Person's Guide To George Soros
Qanon is so fucking stupid
The Name’s Non. QAnon.

Election Day was yesterday, but we recorded this on Sunday, so I really hope you people voted. I’m writing this on election day morning, from my dark room that only has 538 refreshing every 4 minutes and an IV to keep me hydrated from all the tears and nervous sweating. Am I rambling? No, you are. This is what QAnon sounds like, right? Just stupid rambling?

On this episode, we talk about some conspiracy theories. Just what the heck is QAnon and why do so many people think he has the inside scoop on which Democrats are about to go to jail? And is George Soros really the mastermind that the right pretends he is? Darryl just tries to have a little fun. Ryan debates with an attempted murderer. Phil has really just had enough of… everything. And Sly feels VERY strongly about Home Depot’s donations.

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