Issue 81: The Legacy Of Captain Marvel

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 81: The Legacy Of Captain Marvel
Ok, I was wrong. Legacy rules
You’d have to be CRAZY to think you could live up to your dear old dad!

Our Captain Marvel bonanza continues! Legacy’s all grown up now and he’s the new Captain! After his dad came to Earth and died, he came to Earth himself. But what happened next? Did he do his dad’s legacy proud? Spoilers, not exactly… Legacyvember continues HERE!

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Peter David’s Second Run On Captain Marvel

On this episode, we talk about the first arc of Peter David’s second run on the fifth volume of Captain Marvel. You know, the one that stars the fourth Marv? Or was it fifth? Maybe third? I can’t keep track anymore. Phil finally learns to appreciate quips. Darryl really wants God to just randomly mess everyone up. Ryan finds out how Darryl really feels about him. And Sly has the father of all Freudian Slips.

After doing our regularly scheduled Holiday and New Year’s Episodes, we’ll be back in January to pick up where we left off with Captain Marvel! Is it FINALLY time to learn more about Carol Danvers? If they’re making a movie, she must be the most accessible and streamlined version of Captain Marvel? Well… tune in next year to find out!


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