Annual 3 Part 2: Ultimates 2 Vol 2 – More Divisive Than Ever

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Annual 3 Part 2: Ultimates 2 Vol 2 - More Divisive Than Ever
Ultimates sure is something
Sorry, chum. You’re nuts. And you’re going down

Our Annual extravaganza must once more come to a close, as we finish the second half of the Mark Millar epic, Ultimates 2. Does it fly off the rails as hard as Ultimates 1, which we covered last year? Listen to find out! And make sure you listen to part one first!

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On this episode, we get INTO it. The four hosts choose some interesting lines in the sand on if the Avengers movie improved on Millar’s work or, god forbid, took away from it? Ryan think anything less than 10 issues is too subtle and rushed. Sly has some shocking reveals on his opinions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phil discusses the nuances of mental health awareness, through the lens of a teenaged edgelord. And Darryl might be the only one left with any sense on what constitutes a good book anymore.


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