Issue 86: Shazam! DC’s Captain Marvel Gets A Reboot!

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 86: Shazam! DC's Captain Marvel Gets A Reboot!
I guess this is my name now!

Note: An Earlier version of this episode with a missing ending was uploaded previously. This is the fixed one!

On this episode, we revisit Captain Marvel, but only just barely since he isn’t called that anymore! Just in time for Shazam! We cover the story that we’re pretty sure the movie’s based on, his retold origins from the DC reboot.

Read Along: Shazam By Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

Phil’s had enough of troubled kids with a heart of gold, Darryl knows who the REAL Santa is, Ryan has more knowledge about tigers in business suits than one might think, and Sly’s argues that Superman’s outlook is for babies and Black Adam’s is for big boys.

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