Issue 88: Flex Mentallo – Man Of Postmodern Muscle Mystery

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 88: Flex Mentallo - Man Of Postmodern Muscle Mystery
This is your brain on black mentallium

On this episode, the gang gets weird. We cover the standalone Doom Patrol spin-off book on everyone’s favorite HERO. OF. THE BEACH. Flex Mentallo! Never heard of him? Don’t worry, maybe it’s just because superheroes had to turn fictional to save our universe? Buckle up for a postmodern journey and remember, the fish gets changed more than the water!

Read Along: Flex Mentallo: Man Of Muscle Mystery By Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

Darryl wants to know why this is all happening, Phil wants to know how this is all happening, Sly has given up, and Ryan’s as happy as a kid in a candy store. As our hero Grant Morrison says, “Those comics, they really #&@! you up something.


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