Issue 90: Death’s Head 2 – He’s Back And He’s BEAUTIFUL

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 90: Death's Head 2 - He's Back And He's BEAUTIFUL
Death's Head 2 kinda rules, doesn't he?
The X-Treme Prejudice is X-Cruciating in this X-Cellent X-Hibition!

The gang’s back to talk about Darryl’s mentor, Death’s Head II. The time traveling, multiple personality, cybernetic assassin. Or something like that, I don’t know. It’s dumber than ever. But also… great? If you haven’t heard part one, it’ll either help or make it worse.

We cover: Issues 1-4 of Death’s Head II’s ongoing series

Darryl continues to stan for the dumbest character in existence, Ryan stans for “little font” Jubilee, Sly can’t garner one iota of concern for Tuck, and Phil’s just here for the T&A. If you thought everyone was mean to Death’s Head (and Darryl) before, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet bub!


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