Season 2, Episode 1: Ready to Die (Again)

Tomb Or Tome
Tomb Or Tome
Season 2, Episode 1: Ready to Die (Again)

We’re back at it again! Tomb or Tome is our annual podcast where three siblings attempt to write a book (or finish an old book [or just write some lore]) for National Novel Writing Month! This year (2018) is going to be a little different however, as we’re no longer sharing characters and locations throughout our world. Instead, we’ll be tackling projects that are finally worth our time: Liz will be working on a spooky Burton-esque horror novella, Darryl will be tying to wrap up his “Literary Suspense” book about a girl being stalked by her pseudo-self, and Ian will be laying the groundwork for his magnum opus fiction universe! Will we manage to write our tomes this year? Or will we be tombed yet again?

Extra Stuff:

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