Episode 24: It’s November 8th, 2016. Do You Know Where Your Children’s Futures Are?

Fronds Radio
Fronds Radio
Episode 24: It's November 8th, 2016. Do You Know Where Your Children's Futures Are?
The World Turned Upside Down
“She Was About To Break The Mother Of All Glass Ceilings”

It’s the anniversary of the day the world went mad, Election Day 2016. One year later, over a dozen listeners and hosts take us back to 2016 to revisit the night that Trump won. Did anyone see it coming? We sure as hell didn’t.

Featured stories: Darryl from Oops, I Talked Politics! and Divisive Issues, Alana from Pod Ever After, Michael from We’ll Get It Right Next Year, Henry, Phil, Matt from His Great Board Game Facebook Group, Evan, Bryan, Lauren, Elle, Julia, Chrissy, and Ryan from Oops and Divisive, too.

Intro Music By: Vinheteiro

Special thanks to Ariel for helping out with the editing process.

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Election Day’s Tomorrow – PLEASE VOTE

Fronds Radio
Fronds Radio
Election Day's Tomorrow - PLEASE VOTE

It’s election day tomorrow! Please go vote! All politics are local and we need to rebuild the democratic party with progressive candidates!

Some resources:

https://flippable.org/ – Helps show some races that need volunteers, even just phone calls, to help flip states blue.

http://www.vote411.org/ – Shows you your local races and ballots!

The Virgina Gubernatorial Race is really important, too!

And please ask any questions at our facebook group!