Issue 61 – Doom 2099 – Dr. Doom Literally Wins the Internet

Divisive Issues
Divisive Issues
Issue 61 - Doom 2099 - Dr. Doom Literally Wins the Internet
All hope lies in Doom
This the future liberals want. So badly. Please.

We’re back in the future! We stuck around the alternate 90s Marvel universe after last episode’s Punisher 2099. Is it still a bizarre cyberpunk, anarcho-capitalist wasteland? Yes. Is it still a lawless wasteland? Yes. Is it still totally awesome? Hell yeah. Everyone wears super cool shades and surfs through the internet. But this time, Dr. Doom is our hero, and what a hero he is.

We covered the first 10 issues of Doom 2099.

We all loved this book, but we’re split on which parts we loved! Whatever happened to this writer? Is he dead or was he just a visitor from another time? Darryl’s the necessary evil that we all go to for help. Ryan’s just become Sly’s mini-sidekick, echoing all his opinions. Sly really needs Cyclops’ goggles of his own. Phil maps out his plan for the first sentient AI.

Theme song: Cyberspace Safety Rap by students of the William E. Doar School for the Performing Arts

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