Episode 31: Money In Politics – Citizens United Vs. Overwhelming Public Opinion

He didn't even need corrupt money to be a piece of shit.
“Andrew Jackson – What a guy”

On this episode, we talk about money in politics. Turns out, politicians are corrupt! Can you believe it?

In this episode, we compare Trump vs. Hillary’s campaign money! Phil gives us some stats on just how much money matters in an election. Sly gives us some history on limitless campaign spending. Ryan looks to the future and how Democrats are addressing these concerns. And Darryl tells us about everyone’s least favorite lobby, the NRA.

What Is A Super PAC?

Trump Vs. Hillary’s Campaign Money

Gillibrand And Booker Ditch PACs

Graph On Rising Health Care Costs

Ted Cruz’ PAC Footage

If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice?

The Powell Memo

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