Episode 12 – Is it Hot in Here Or Is it Just Climate Change?

Climate Change

In this episode, we discuss another source of our impending doom: Climate Change.

Trump has signaled he is leaving the Paris agreement, so we decided explain the agreement and the apocalyptic future it at least tried to address. Ryan overcomes his shame and plays high school science teacher while Sly affectionately gives a fun pet name to the “viewers.” Phil is finally outed as Ryan’s libertarian conspiracy theory friend while Darryl ruins Phil’s segment.

Theme Song: Hot in Here – Nelly

Article: Climate Change: How Do We Know?

Article: Don Beyer Says 97 percent of Scientists Believe Humans Contribute to Global Warming

Article: Fact Checking Trump’s Claims on the Paris Climate Change Deal

Article: Why Nicaragua and Syria Didn’t Join the Paris Climate Accord

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