Episode 32: Time To Welcome Our Communist Overlords – China!

Oops, I Talked Politics!
Oops, I Talked Politics!
Episode 32: Time To Welcome Our Communist Overlords - China!
Imperialist Dogs and Capitalist Pigs!

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” ― Sun Tzu

We’re here to talk about China. They’re quickly becoming an even larger power, but so what? What kind of influence do they already have? How are they growing it? Just what is free trade and what’s a tariff? And why are all globalists cucks? We answer all these pressing questions and more.

On this episode, Darryl breaks down Trump’s new tariff announcements and asks “Why is Trump doing this dumb thing?” Ryan talks about NAFTA and the TPP and reveals his true motivations. Phil looks at just how terrible of a place China is and how much they pollute. And Sly pretty much does the same thing, but from a different point of view, one that’s got way more cameras!

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Theme Song: China Remix Song by Omoizin

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