Issue 98: Edgelord August Begins With Warren Ellis’ The Authority

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s bring back our main man Midnighter as we dip in to Warren Ellis’ Authority, Issues 1-6! Sly is desperate for more EDGE, Ryan has the hots for lady Guy Gardner, Phil lectures us on alternate reality England, and Darryl defends… Mark Millar’s Ultimates??? Patreon: Come join […]

Issue 74: The League Of Extraordinary Edgelords

Hoo boy, this one’s a rough one. We’re talking about the Original Edgelord of Comics, Alan Moore and his second volume of The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman. This one gets a little intense, so strap yourself in. The Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, Mina Harker, and Captain Nemo, Allan Quatermain, and some wagon driver all team […]

Issue 59: Lobo vs Gay Batman & Friends in an Edgelord Christmas Event

It’s Christmas! Let’s get EDGY. Last year we covered that time extreme edgelord Lobo killed Santa Claus. And earlier in the year, we covered fascist Authority-member Batman-But-Gay Midnighter. What would happen if these titans of profanity and gore clashed? Spoilers: They do in this episode. First, we give a little intro to the Authority, Midnighter’s […]

Issue 51 – Garth Ennis’ Crossed: Naked Edgelord Zombies

On this episode, the boys are joined by Michael M. Raider (of We’ll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure In Cinema and Wheeeeeengs fame) to discuss some edgy Garth Ennis to welcome in EDGELORD AUGUST PART 1. Crossed: Badlands Issues 1-3 – Crossed: Special (2013) – IT’S EDGELORD AUGUST. We’re talking about […]

Issue 12 – Mark Millar’s Wanted: Maximum Edgelord

On this episode, the gang talks Wanted, a book that no one even came close to wanting. Wanted by Mark Millar and JG Jones – In this episode, we talk endlessly about the 3 time Divisive Issues alumnus, Mark Millar and why he’s the show’s bestest friend. Joe wishes that DC events could be […]

Issue 99: The Authority Kicks The Hell Out Of God

Edgelord August ends here! We’re finishing Warren Ellis’ Authority with issues 7 to 12. Make sure you listen to part 1 first! Ryan’s a comic EXPERT, Phil dumps on Mark Millar, Darryl’s is unconvinced Swift needs to be on this team, and, as Sly so succinctly puts it, “it’s all penises and sperm killing everything.” […]

Issue 82: A Very Divisive Christmas With Enough Santa To Go Around

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! Santa galore here at DI HQ! We celebrated by showcasing some of our favorite Christmas comics from Marvel and DC. Some of our meaning some hosts, the actual opinions seem to vary wildly. We hope you and your family get along better than we do. On this episode, we cover […]